Monologue 1 "Personality"

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Monologue «Personality» (Module 1)

Understand who you areand do it deliberately! It is a fair quote from the writer Silvia Locken.

How to understand it? In my opinion, first it is enough to classify yourself as extroverts and introverts.

It is easy to do – you need to take the test on personality types which carry out a research on personality. Carl Jung designed a first personality test. This should has the validity and reliability of tests on intelligence. Extroverts sometimes are all mouth and no trousers, but they are crazy about something. They often are mesmerizing for people and are not sensible at doing something. Introverts, on the other hand, are reserved, have the ability to work under pressure, but they sometimes are a wet blanket and put up with something. So of this extroverts and introverts tend to different professions. Extroverts may be politicians, salespersons, teachers, managers and introverts may be actors, scientists, inventors, engineers.

And then the question appearsdoes my future profession correspond with my personality type and is it right to choose the profession relying on the personality type? I think that I have more introverts traits so my future profession corresponds with my personality type but the choosing the profession relaying on the personality type is wrong because all people have some degree of both extroverts and introverts.

When passing the personality test it is may appear the problems. For example, people sometimes can answer wrong on test’s questions which it is take us inaccurate result or result may depend on people’s mood. So I am careful with such tests.

Also a personality can be characterized by charisma. Charisma is an ability that people blindly follow. I think that charisma is not acquired ability, but you may to cultivate charisma. Personal growth trainings help to make up one’s personality. Charismatic people have to possess some quality, they have to hold one’s own and have to stay level-headed in difficult situations.

Society looks up to charismatic people, but some may to misuse the authority. For example, Conrad Black who is a biggie in business world, misuses his power and Michelle Obama becomes an undisputed leader for her good deeds. For instance, she regularly gives talks all over the world to young people.

Interesting fact: personality type forms in the first months of life or even during pregnancy.

To sum up, one of the most basic personality differences is between extroverts and introverts. Some on this, some people even choose a profession. However, most people have both extrovert and introvert characteristics in their personality. By the way, the personality type of person can be determined already in early childhood. To realize who you are, you need to pass PT. Also important ability is charisma which it is may uses in the right or wrong way.

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