Monologue 10 "Trends"

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Monologue 10 «Trends»

Active Vocabulary: 28, Grammar Structures: 6, Linkers: 13, Total: 728 words.

The modern world is literally driven by trends. It is very important for many people to look fashionable, watch popular movies and buy branded things. How do trends appear and why do they have such an impact? In this essay I will give answers to these questions.

A trend is something that has catch on lately. Any overnight sensation or old-fashioned trend can become a current trend. Trends move rapidly through the population thanks, as a rule, to a viral marketing company. For example, very often popular celebrities start trending, which many imitate. People want to have the same lifestyle and possessions like them. Therefore, they start buying must-have items, follow these trends, and these trends gain control of them.

Trends are very important in business. Businessmen should definitely keep track of them, because they directly affect profits. For example, if one smartphone model has become dominant this season, and the manufacturer is still manufacturing an outdated one and does not take into account trends, then its profit will fall sharply. To gain sales, you need to tap into trends, understand the spending power and try to predict future trends. Also, it is necessary to be one step ahead of your competitors, because, as I have already said, it is novelty and uniqueness that set trends.

Trends significantly affect fashion. The major influence on fashion trends is the time of year, various social changes, advertising of famous people and the activities of people who have a lasting influence on the fashion world. Accordingly, if you want to be always on trend, follow the news and be aware of social and cultural movements.

Each person has a certain style of clothing that he adheres to. I prefer an elegant and minimalist style and do not like when a person's entire wardrobe consists only of baggy things or things sprinkled with rhinestones and sparkles. In general, clothing is a way of self-expression. For instance, some people are all the rage and wear clothes to make a fashion statement, and some, on the contrary, want to become invisible with the help of clothes. Someone blindly follows all fashion trends, even though it does not suit him, and someone bucks trends and dresses the way he wants. Thus, clothes can say a lot about a person.

Now there are many trends. Unusual eyebrows, a trend in the collaboration of trends, advertising in Tik-Tok, increased health care, things-blankets, second-hand and much more are the new rock and roll. For example, the need to constantly wear a mask posed a question to makeup lovers: how to stand out if you can't see your lips? Then the makeup artists came to a new decision — to focus on the eyebrows. Bright colors, unusual shapes or discoloration will be relevant throughout 2021. Stars and influencers have also picked up on this trend.

Now the Tik-Tok is the height of fashion. It appeared recently – in 2018, but at the moment it is already the leading video platform for short videos and one of the fastest growing and most downloaded applications! However, this network is young and has not reached its peak, this is

the upward trend. Showing the results of the study, 44% of users are women and 56% are men, and 90% use the app daily. The age distribution remains stable over time: 43% of Tik-Tok users are between 25 and 44 years old. On average, the application is opened about 8 times during the day, and the duration of individual sessions in the application is the highest - 4.9 minutes!

An interesting fact: Filipinos spend the most time in social networks at the beginning of 2021, spending an average of 4.3 hours a day on it. The country in which the least people sit in social networks is Japan. On social networks, residents of this country spend an average of 51 minutes a day. And the time spent in social networks by Russians is close to the global average - 2.5 hours a day.

In this way, trends greatly affect us and our lives. Trends exist in all areas, this is especially important for businessmen. Each trend develops in a certain way, and this development depends on various factors and influential people. What you follow can say a lot about you. For instance, the clothes you wear are a means of self-expression and reveal your personality.