Monologue 11 "Arts and media"

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Monologue 11 «Arts and media»

Active Vocabulary: 26, Grammar Structures: 10, Linkers: 18, Total: 685 words.

These days, the media play a huge role in our lives. If earlier people sometimes read newspapers, now most of our day is the media. When we travel in public transport or have lunch, we always read some news or gossip. And every year this hole will grow more and more and suck in more and more people. Therefore, in this essay we will talk about arts and media.

Media is the whole set of information tools and techniques that serve to transmit certain information to the consumer. Simply put, the media keeps people up-to-date and better informed and gets them completely hooked in certain events and things. There are various types of media: print, radio, television, news agencies and Internet media. Basically, I find all the information in Internet sources.

At the time, I really liked the Hunger Games trilogy. I remember that after watching the film, which was released in 2012, for the first time, I was so impressed that I couldn't sleep all night. This prompted me to read all three books, which were then the bestselling series. I reread them 4 times! The most breathtaking for me was the first book of the trilogy, although all of them are certainly good. The book is set in the distant future, in a post-apocalyptic world, where, after an unknown global catastrophe, the dystopian state of Panem was formed on the territory of the former North America. This is a dramatic life-or-death plot. The story is full of heroism, struggle and despair and, of course, loves.

There are people who are household names, they have established reputation, but at the same time escape publicity. They are called media recluses. They hardly appear in public and have little contact with the outside world. This can happen for certain reasons. For instance, such a person may be experiencing a nervous breakdown or he is simply very concerned about the inviolability of his personal life. Prominent examples are J.D. Salinger, Syd Barrett and Stanley Kubrick.

Many people wonder if celebrities have the right to privacy? After all, they knew from the very beginning that the lives of famous people are always under the gun of the media and the general population. I think they should be prepared for the fact that not a single step of them will remain in the shadows. In any case, it is the close attention of journalists and ordinary people that is the key to the fame and popularity of famous personalities.

Foreign correspondents also work in the media. A foreign correspondent is a journalist who covers events from abroad for the press of his country. Ideally, he should speak foreign language fluently and be familiar with the culture and political situation of the country in which he works. People become foreign correspondents because, for example, they want to undertake a traineeship in another country, work for a national newspaper, learn more about the cultures of other countries, or just get a positive experience.

To make a successful career as a foreign correspondent, you must first study journalism at university and get a qualification in the field you are going to cover. It is also necessary to be digitally literate and always show initiative. And to get recognition and earn a reputation as a competent correspondent, you need to have high moral standards and show integrity.

Interesting fact: why are TV series called "soap operas"? In the 1930s, multi-part programs with simple plots appeared on American radio. Since they were sponsored by manufacturers of soap and other detergents, these products were often publicized. Therefore, the expression "soap opera" was fixed for radio and later television series.

Thus, the media is what keeps people up-to-date. There are different types of media. There are also people who try to avoid the media in every possible way. They are called media recluses. They behave this way for a variety of reasons. In the field of media, there is a profession of a foreign correspondent who broadcasts news for his country from abroad. To become a foreign correspondent, you need to have certain skills and abilities.