Monologue 12 "Crime"

Готовый монолог с выделениями по правилам того года
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Monologue 12 «Crime»

Active Vocabulary: 29, Grammar Structures: 10, Linkers: 14, Total: 877 words.

"Ignorance is the mother of all crimes. Crime above all is unreason" is a quote by Honore de Balzac. As it becomes clear, this essay will focus on crimes. Namely, about the crimes themselves, about the criminal genre, about the causes of criminal behavior and whether there is an ideal crime.

A crime is a culpable act that harms people, society or the state. The criminal is charged with a crime, then he is faced charges, and the court either clears him of a crime, or delivers a verdict.

There are many different crimes. People can pull a job, carry automatic weapons, make off with a large sum of money, set off explosives, push someone to commit a crime. Even planning a crime is a crime. I think that the most serious crimes are those that threaten human life, for example, terrorist attacks.

The crime genre has been very popular lately, because people like to try on the role of a detective and try to unravel the case or the criminal themselves and anticipate his every step. Crime fiction includes several subgenres, for instance, whodunit, legal thriller, courtroom drama and hard-boiled fiction. To write a good detective story, it is necessary to withstand the intrigue, decide on interesting protagonists and antagonists, and also try to confuse the crime as much as possible so that the reader does not guess everything in advance.

There are several main reasons for committing crimes. People decide on a life of crime because of greed, greed, aggressiveness, nationalism, disrespectful attitude to social rules and norms, hedonism, legal nihilism. However, it should be understood that people have these qualities for a reason. Sociologists put forward a theory and explain the causes of criminal behavior by showing a genetic link and antisocial behavior. Antisocial behavior often occurs when a person gets caught into a vicious circle by associating with a bad company and learning bad behavior from it. In such a situation, a person simply needs to break the vicious circle and make a new start. You need to keep out of trouble, lead a normal life and try to form close relationships with people.

I believe that the most common reason for committing crimes is just the influence of a bad company. This is especially dangerous for soft, trouble-free, insecure people who do not know how to say "no".

I know of an exciting crime committed by twin thieves. On February 25, 2009, three robbers wearing masks bravely entered the Kaufhaus Des Westens, the second largest department store in Europe. Using a rope ladder, they managed to loot the main floor without disabling any sensors or alarms. However, one mistake could have been fatal if not for the unique circumstance of the crime. They forgot a glove at the crime scene, which eventually provoked an unusual situation. The DNA found on the glove matched two people: identical twins identified as Hassan and Abbas O. (Hassan and Abbas O.). But according to German law, each person can be convicted individually, and since their DNA is incredibly similar, the authorities have not been able to separate them from each other. As a result, the German police were forced to release both, but the third robber has not yet been found.

The ideal crime is usually a bank robbery, where criminals gracefully bypass all security systems by descending from the ceiling on a cable, using cunning devices and knowledge that they have acquired over several weeks of intensive training. For the people who do this, it pays off, because this is how they make a living. But at the same time, it's very risky, because someone can quietly call the police that you won't even be able to escape, and then you will be convicted of committing a crime and will have to serve one’s sentence. In general, guys, it is bad to commit crimes, and it is necessary to combat crime.

I was very surprised by one interesting fact related to crimes. American Emmerich Juttner forged one-dollar bills for 10 years and avoided being caught by the US Secret Service hunting for him. Having started his trade in 1938, Juttner made 10-12 such bills every week and tried to pay them in a variety of Manhattan stores. When he was eventually arrested, the court took into account that the defendant used counterfeit money only personally and to buy the most necessary things, assigning him a term of imprisonment of 1 year and 1 day, as well as a fine of 1 dollar. After getting out of prison, Juttner sold the rights to the film adaptation of his story and earned more than all his forgeries combined were worth.

Thus, crimes are always harming. And even the reasons why they are committed cannot justify them. Professional criminals are, in fact, very smart people. For example, to commit the perfect crime, you need to know the crime scene like the back of your hand, and think very carefully about all possible outcomes. No wonder there is a criminal genre, where they often tell about such filigree preparation, which makes people wonder. But I hope that you will not have to plan, for instance, stealing a diamond or something like that, and you will always be good citizens!