Monologue 2 "Travel"

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Monologue 2 «Travel»

Active Vocabulary: 28, Grammar Structures: 5, Linkers: 14, Total: 704 words.

Traveling is an opportunity to go beyond the ordinary and discover many new things. “Look at the world. It's much more amazing than dreams”. This quote is from Ray Bradbury. I absolutely agree with him, because every corner of our planet is unique, unlike any other. In this essay, I would like to talk about travel.

What are the reasons why people go on journeys? Firstly, it is a desire to change the situation, to get away from it all. Secondly, it is a desire to experience different cultures, see new places, see new sights, meet new people, and learn new skills. In general, broaden your horizons and find yourself. Thirdly, many people want to study for qualifications abroad. Fourthly, many people go abroad to earn money or do voluntary work. Finally, many people just want to become more independent and more confident.

But to make your trip go great, you need to follow some tips. Before traveling, you need to read about local laws and customs, make copies of documents, for example, tickets, passport, insurance policy, and leave one copy at home and obtain comprehensive travel insurance. You also need to check what vaccinations and healthcare you need and take enough money. Being already on the journey, you need to stay in some accommodation, respect a local dress code and find out about tricks used on tourists. And remember that you cannot to carry something trough the customs!

By the way, do not confuse tourists and travelers. Many people think that these are synonyms, but there is a huge difference between these concepts. Travelers are itchy feets and have a travel bug. They often keep a dairy about their travels, go off the beaten track and are highways and byways. Travelers also like to travel light, like to look around and they like to stop off at various places along the way. In contrast, tourists are those who like to buy a package tour and carry on to move in a certain direction. Also, tourists can just be on a trip. By the way, virtual tourism is very developed in the modern world. People can visit distant corners of the world or even little known parts of their own country without leaving their living rooms by using Google Earth.

Speaking of travel, it is impossible not to mention the outstanding researchers who have made a contribution to the development of this field. I will tell you a little, for instance, about Thor Heyerdahl. He has rendered great services to the science. Heyerdahl was remembered as the greatest explorer. His expeditions and ideas had a huge impact on archeology and anthropology. He has received many awards in his life. He was elected to the Norwegian Academy of Sciences in 1958 and in 1960 ha was elected to the American Academy of Sciences. In addition, a film about his expedition to Kontiki won an Oscar in 1951 for best documentary film.

In fact, I have never been abroad in my life, and I haven't been to many places in Russia, unfortunately. But still ahead, I believe!

But I would like to visit, for example, the countries of the East, because there is a special atmosphere that is very different from the atmosphere of the Northern countries. It can be Israel or Jordan, or Japan or Korea.

By the way, very often people go abroad to learn a language or improve their language skills. This is very correct and useful, in my opinion, because there is an opinion that it is much easier and faster to do this if you communicate with native speakers away from the usual environment.

So, as we found out in this essay, travel offers a lot of new opportunities for people. At the moment, there are many reasons why people set out on trips, for instance, to broaden their horizons. At the same time, do not forget about the tips that will help make your trip more comfortable. There is a huge difference between travelers and tourists. For example, it is difficult for travelers to sit in one place like Thor Heyerdahl. By the way, very often people go on a trip to learn a language, which helps them a lot.