Monologue 3 "Work"

Готовый монолог с выделениями по правилам того года
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Monologue 3 «Work»

Active Vocabulary: 26, Grammar Structures: 8, Linkers: 13, Total: 700 words.

Find a job you fall in love with and you won’t have to work a single day in your life. Everyone seems to know this famous Confucius quote. And I think that many people agree with this. As you already understood, this essay will focus on work, namely the most important professions, homeworking, its causes, advantages and disadvantages, as well as internships and their cons.

All professions are important, but whatever one may say, some still bring more benefit. As a rule, these are social professions such as the professions of a firefighter, teacher, doctor, police officer, etc. I think so because people in social professions often are in charge of other people, public order and peace and a common cause as a whole. These people get a full-time job and often they burn the candle at both ends literally. They also sometimes work in an unpleasant environment.

I am still a student, but I often think about my future activities and what I would like to achieve. In particular, I often think about the conditions of my future work. Firstly, I want to work for a prestigious company. Who doesn’t want that, right? Secondly, I want to have prospects for career progress and get the opportunity for promotion. I would hardly get a dead end job. Thirdly, since I am not a morning person, I would like to have flexible hours. Fourthly, I would like to be a chief cook and bottle washer and feel my importance. But at the same time I would not want to be involved into a monotonous or tedious job.

Recently, people very often practice homeworking. What is the reason? This is primarily due to digitalization and the development of IT-technologies. I also think this is due to a change in the views of people, the appearance of their ability to look at the world less strictly.

Of course, homeworking has advantages. Firstly, it is a great ability to work alone for introverts. It also gives you the opportunity to quit a low-paid job and start working for yourself. Secondly, many people have an extremely time-consuming traveling time, but those who live far away now don’t have to commute to work long. And thirdly, this state of affairs allows stipulating work-life balance.

Anything that has pros has cons. Homeworking does not allow full-fledged in a team, which is very important for extroverts. For example, people often get to stay in touch with colleagues by Skype when it would be possible to solve everything peacefully. And in general, the duties of many professions are difficult to perform at home.

As for me, my attitude to working at home depends on the situation and place I need to get to. But in general I like working from home, because I can get up a little later and not waste time on the road to university. If the university schedule and further work schedule took this into account, then I would be happy!

I also want to say a little about internships. Internship is place where you can to do a work placement. Internships pave the way for young professionals to gain experience. Take on any job at the internship. This will help you become to be an adaptable person and articulate. Also this will help you develop time management skills. But to get an internship you must apply for the position.

Interesting fact: it is estimated that a person spends almost half of his life at work.

So, in brief, work is not only a certain place that people go to in the morning, but also work from home and internships and work placement. As it turned out, some professions are more important than others, for example, the profession of a doctor or teacher. Currently, work from home is very developed, as it has a lot of advantages, for instance, people cannot spend time on the road, but, as everywhere, there are still disadvantages. In the essay, I also talked about internships and how useful they are for young professionals. Finally, some statisticsscientists have found that people spend half of their lives on work.