Monologue 7 "Design"

Готовый монолог с выделениями по правилам того года
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Monologue 7 «Design»

Active Vocabulary: 25, Grammar Structures: 12, Linkers: 9, Total: 691 words.

Design determines a lot in the modern world. Even on which shelf the product will be placed on the store – in the center or somewhere below, that customers will not notice. Not many people know that design is not only about packaging. In this essay we will talk about what design actually represents.

Designers are those who perform the functions of scientist, engineers, manufactures and salespersons at the same time! There are multipurpose specialists who adapt to human needs, develop useful designs and add value to people’s life. Thus, the task of the designer is not only to develop an up-to-date packaging design, but also to develop the necessary ones to facilitate human activities, user-friendly devices.

I do not, unfortunately, have a thing, the design of which I would really like. Therefore, I will describe my preferences. The thing must have an ergonomic design and show inspiration to good mood. And it is imperative that this item should not cause irritation and be the fifth wheel of a coach.

In each period of time, different ideas have influenced the design. In the 20th century such ides were in the 30s of streamlining, in the 60s of consumerism, and in the 90s of environment protection. The period of the 30s is called that way, because at that time designers were actually using streamlining. It was about speed, efficiency and, most of all, the modern world. At that period developed Airflow, Bell 3000 and Bakelite. The next period is characterized by the rampant consumerism of contemporary society and mass-produced items. The advertising compelled the users to buy many different products. Moreover, people chose short-lived products in order to go and buy again after, a short time. It was truly a ‘throwaway’ society. The last period of the 20th century is the most ‘kind’ in my opinion. Then many designers worried about the damage to the environment caused by industrialization. Therefore, there were introduced recycling technologies. The recycling of paper and other materials became popular, for example in designer Jane Atfield’s plastic shelving unit.

I think the ideas of today’s world combine all three ideas of the 20th century. Therefore, the 10th of the 21st century is the most interesting period. Just like in the 60s of the 20th century, now we make buys keep advertising ticking over. And the problem of recycling and protecting the environment is more important than ever.

The basis of any design is the idea of how to fulfill users’ needs. Further development of this design begins. To get more attention of the public you can pioneer the project. If the development was successful, the design passed tests and control, the designer launches the innovated item. To further interest buyers, designers often make bells and whistles. If the design has not passed the check, then the designer redeems former misdeeds. The design is put into production.

Alberto Alessi is a great designer of the 20th century. He is the president of the ‘Alessi’ company, which has performed itself well all over the world. The company has created many icons that are top-of-the-range devices. For example, Starck’s ‘Juicy Salif’ citrus squeezer or the ‘Anna G.’ corkscrew. This world-wide Italian company can be expected to continue its tradition of promoting the very best design whilst forever reinventing itself. All this thanks to Alberto and his family.

Interesting fact: in creating the famous Lips sofa, Salvador Dali immortalized the mouth of his wife Gala.

So, all the above once again confirms the importance of design in the modern world. I will repeat once again the main ideas of the essay. In brief, design is not only packaging and appearance, but the whole mechanism, construction. Society commissioned the responsibility of the high-quality development of these mechanisms to designers. Design trends are constantly changing, so to keep users from shifting to the competitor’s gadget, a designer should always keep an eye of them. The design development process is complex and consists of several stages. If the design is successful, the final step is to recognize this innovative product. Also in the essay there were some interesting facts, for instance, the fact about Salvador Dali.