Monologue 8 "Business"

Готовый монолог с выделениями по правилам того года
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Monologue 8 «Business»

Active Vocabulary: 27, Grammar Structures: 11, Linkers: 15, Total: 678 words.

It’s not personal, it’s just business”. Surely everyone has heard this statement and used it more than once in their speech. Recently, the popularity of owning your own business has increased. Therefore, in this essay we will talk about business, the secrets of running it and the pitfalls.

The reasons for success in business are simple. To improve sales and to get win-win result, you need, firstly, to focus on the business, you cannot treat it carelessly. Secondly, you always need to plan everything, not keep everything in your head. For example, you need to forecast the income to motivate the company. Thirdly, do not assume all the responsibility; otherwise you can quickly burn out. It is better to recruit a staff, at least a couple of people. Fourth, it is possible to drive a hard bargain and go into a partnership with other company for even greater benefits. And, finally, you can't be flip-flop, you need to take risks, because the one who does not take risks, does not drink champagne.

Of course, entrepreneurs face problems. At the initial stage of business development, it often happens that you have to sell at loss and, as a result, make a loss. Also, novice entrepreneurs often struggle with money, do not know how to properly distribute it. Or it often happens that the company has left behind for a long time because of illiterate business management. But the most unpleasant thing is when due to a failure, for instance, due to the unsuccessful launch a new product range, the company loses a lot of money, and you have to be back to the drawing board.

There are many dilemmas from a business perspective. They arise when there are conflicting expectations of the company's stakeholders and the inability to satisfy these interests at the same time. Usually, the head of the company calls the shots so he resolves a dilemma. Currently, the main dilemmas are whether it is acceptable to use child labor, whether it is ethical to test potentially dangerous products on animals, whether it is ethical to have an unclear or misleading price that can help move the goods, etc. There are many answers to these questions, but each business must choose its own path in accordance with the law. Unfortunately, it also happens that a company breaks the law to succeed in business, but fortunately, this is now strictly punishable by law.

Another ethical dilemma is the question: "Should a business allow employees to merge?" Some companies have on the horns of a dilemma in this regard. For example, Wal-Mart strict policies that prohibit unions, and may choose to lay off workers rather than allow them to form unions.

Let's talk a little about business icons. These are movers and shakers. They run the business on a day-to-day basis and do everything possible to develop it. These people are trying to modernize their production and reduce production costs. They are not dictators; they are always negotiating with a powerful competitor about cooperation. Very often they do charity work and invest in the different perspective community. The most valuable thing is that business icons value the staff and pay reasonable wages.

For instance, a well-known successful Russian businessman is Pavel Durov. He set up Telegram. The reason for his success lies in a creative idea - he created a messenger that does not look like the existing ones.

An interesting fact is that the Wal-Mart company I have already mentioned brings in an average of $ 1.8 million per hour!

Thus, the business sphere plays a huge role in modern society. Every day more and more people start their own businesses, some of which have real success. But all this is not just sothere are rules for the success of these companies, not following which entrepreneurs can face a variety of problems. For example, a businessman may face an ethical dilemma that is difficult to solve. But after overcoming all the obstacles, you can become a business icon, the secret of whose success will be discussed by everyone!