Space Exploration was the greatest achievement of the 20th century









Алёна мартынова
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Nowadays more and more people believe that space research was really important and the main success in 20th century , whereas others disagree with this point of view . The subject of explorations has always aroused strong debates. In this essay I want to express my own ideas and point of view on this topic and consider all pros and cons.

To my mind , the statement that space exploration was the most significant in the 20th century is really true. Firstly, people have learnt more about space, so students can get more information from books, newspapers, science fiction films. Actually, if we know details about space, we will improve ecological situation on the planet, so people will become healthier and happier.

However, not all people share my point of view. Some of them are sure that exploring the universe is not a very important thing. So, they think that making of modern kinds of medicine is more necessary discovery. Besides, they consider that space and universe cannot have effect on people’s lives.

Nevertheless, I cannot agree with the opposite opinion, because I am sure that although life is possible without space, but on the other hand, the progress is impossible without space and science.

To conclude, I want to say that space exploration of the 20th century will help people to save our planet and nature in the nearest future. Taking into consideration different opinions on this issue, I still hold the view that in fact , it was necessary to study space at that time. It’s really important for people. As for me, I am really interested in astronomy and sciences connecting to space.